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          “ SD Viana ” Ltd. was registered by Venelin Georgiev Terziev and Anahid Dikran Terzieva with the Sofia Regional Court on 01.03.1991. For more than a decade the company has been actively involved in the construction life in our country. Together with its construction activity “ SD Viana ” Ltd. also performs commercial activity, establishes and develops production activity with building materials, provides transport as well as other services with its small- and medium-scale mechanization, annual subscription servicing by the qualified specialists of the Labour Medicine Service, consults and advises its clients and partners in solving problems in the field of construction and commerce.
At the beginning of its economic activity the company worked with three persons as a managerial staff and two brigades of workers dealing with structures’ completion. In the course of gaining experience and developing the material base it gradually extends its activity and at present it has construction workers with various qualification and specialty and employees with secondary and higher education as managerial staff working for it.
       “ SD Viana ” Ltd. has been member of the Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber since 1996. The manager of the company Mr. V. G. Terziev is Chairman of the BD of BBCC DR – Sofia town. “ SD Viana ” Ltd. has highly qualified personnel with long-year experience, technical capacities and equipment for executing the he whole range of constructions and repairs.

             The society is one of the live participants in the sphere of construction and building in our country. There are un exactly structure, transportation and mechanization for best performance of :


  • Design of industrial, public and residential buildings,

  • All kinds of repairs,

  • Consulting activity,

  • Production and assembly of aluminum millwork and articles,

  • Production and assembly of metal structures and articles,

  • Providing carpentry services

  • Servicings with construction automation

  • A pile other....

          “ SD Viana ” Ltd. performs the whole range of construction assembly and repair from rough to entirely completed structures.
In order to promote our activity we have built and equipped our own:

  • Workshop for producing half-finished metal articles and structures

  • Workshop for woodworks

  • Workshop for aluminum millwork and articles

  • Fittings yard

  • Warehouse for building materials

  • We also have the truck fleet as well as small- and medium-scale construction mechanization necessary for securing CAW process.

              In 2000 years “ SD Viana ” Ltd creates occupational medicine service and it was registered with a document for registration-167/28.11.2000 and re - registration-167-1/30.01.2004 from ministry on the healthcare as management consultant in the sphere of the occupational medicine. The highly qualified  experts  work to create safe and healthy conditions of labor. To today ' s maturity the employment of labor-medicine is with affirmed name among the employers in the territory in the whole area as firm and just partner of the work at guaranting safe and healthy conditions of labor.




               Owners at the association are Venelin Terziev and Anahid Terzieva. The society governs    itself as well does it corresponded of Venelin Terziev and Anahid Terzieva, together as well by the piece.



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