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      Industrial buildings


  • Fixture of the structure of working crush - rooms of streetcar storehouse "Klokotnitza"

  • Reorganization and a fixture of a output crush - room of DIKA STIL LTD

  • Readjustment and working a sartorial workshop of DIKA STIL LTD

  • Building of dairy plant located in Ravno pole is  invested by “Laktony” ltd.

  • A production workshop for food products of  ET DIMANA


      Dwelling buildings


  • Dwelling building 64, district "Lozenec", inclusive the communicational bondsa and vertical planning.

  • Construction of office and storehouses at the territory of Sofia town, “Еurope” avenue  with ET”Albos” investment.





  • The company has build “Residentzia” in Boyana-Sofia city, invested by “Titan-AS”ltd. The building is completed with our own technique and high qualified  workers.

  •  Constructing dwelling buildings in "Gorna Banya" district."Mladost" and a pile of others.


      Public buildings in the domain of the education


  • Reconstructing and modernization of  18 SOU "Gladstoun"

  • Repair of ODZ № 160 regionVITOSHA,

  • Repair of CDG № 171 “Svoboda” - regionNADEZDA,

  • Repair of  54 SOU “Ivan Rilski” - regionNADEZDA,

  • Repair of the canopy  of  141 SOU  – regionNADEZDA,

  • A fixture of the ventilation and heatirg installation of ODZ № 24 – regionNADEZDA,

  • Repair of 50 ОU “ Vasil Levski”  – regionVITOSHA ,

  • Repair of  38 ОU “Vasil Aprilov” – regionSREDETC,

  • Repair of  146 ОU “Patriarh Evtimii” – region "VRABNICA”,

  • Repair of  63 ОU – region  “NADEZDA",

  • Repair of  ОDZ № 46  - regionVITOSHA,

  • Repair of  ОDZ № 60 – regionVITOSHA,

  • Repair of  SOU “Ivan Denkoglou” – regionSREDEC,

  • Repair of sporting landing of 52 ОU “Tcanko Tcerkovski “ – regionVITOSHA,

  • Repair of 64 OU   – regionVITOSHA”,

  • A fixture of the building of  MUCTPO

  • Repairing of the fašade of Sofia City Court invested by Sofia City Court


      Public buildings in the domain of the healthcare  


  •  Reconstruction of “Curing center in social center for old people” in  Triavna city.

  • Reconstruction and modernization of hotel “Liuliaci”, located in Gabrovo city, is filled by “SD VIANA” ltd  in 2001/2003 year




  • Reconstructing and modernization of SPA center “Rodopi” – Burgas city


      Public buildings in the domain of the culture  


  • Cardinal repair of the Central  Puppet Theatre "Vladimir Zaimov" - Sofia city


      Public buildings for administrative servicing  


  • A cardinal fixture of an office of  “Balko Internacional”,

  • Construction of central office, safe-deposit box, hall for clients of  "Каrol",

  • De luxe performance of halfway agency of  "Glenkor Internacional" LTD,

  • A fixture of the administrative building of  Sofia municipality - regionVITOSHA

  • Construction field works of the offices of “Rainfaizenbank” LTD - sity Burgas and Karnobat



      Public buildings in the domain of the commerce


  • Construction of chain of shops and halfway office of investor "Novex invest" LTD,

  • Construction and a collage of systems of municipal markets -  region "VRABNICA”,

  • Constructing department store of industrial commodities and shop of flowers and dainties, ownership of "Norma - 95" LTD,

  • Constructing a trade center of "Martimor" LTD,

  • Building of trade centre and offices with “Alexander” OOD at the territory of Sofia city.











  • Reconstruction and modernization  of “STRIAMA” Hotel  is filled by “SD VIANA”LTD in 2001/2002 year. The SPA hotel "STRIAMA"is located in Bania city near to Karlovo city and is with long year traditions in SPA treatment,


  • Reconstruction and modernization of “Liuliaci” hotel located in Gabrovo city is filled by “SD VIANA” Ltd  in 2001/2003 year. The owner of the building needs to save the architecture and in the same time to establish new modern center for the clients,

  • “Reconstructing and modernization of Relax hotel APRILTCI – Hisar city in SPA hotel “GERGANA” , is completed by “SD VIANA” Ltd in 2003.


  • In 2005 year “SD VIANA” Ltd finished “Dodo beach” hotel, located in Kiten on the Black sea. Our company is main builder of the hotel.





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