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                 "SD Viana" Ltd is an actor of range of  projects in the domain of the construction and the tourism now.  "SD Viana" Ltd is investing in the building of SPA center in  Banya city, municipality Karlovo, where are carrying out rehabilitation and prophylactic procedures, healthy and  sports programs. The SPA Center is situated iat the foot of the mountain, named Sredna Gora, upland of 282 meters, in the valley of Stryama river. The resort is on a 45 kilometer of city Plovdiv and a 15 kilometer of city Karlovo and city Hisarya. The climate is transitively continental to mediterranean hold with high winter and cool summer. Only suitable for holding healing operating procedures give an opportunity for use of the sport facilities year - around. For the option of allotment to the complex the fact that this metropolitan area is rich on mineral springs was important. In a city Banya there are over ten mineral springs. Another important healing component is the handiness on alterative mud had disposed southeast from the settlement. The hotel part is with area a 3 448.50 centare. The stimulation on the sport center is in the control a percentage point, situated in the northerly part, in the building site. The hotel part in its north - west close. The draft decision is aligned with the metropolitan area, the spirit of the bulgarian customs and the drive of the investors of well - favoured and de luxe setting. The building is voluminous on three floors with a partial basement. The hotel part of the complex is separated in the following functional zones: chief access, a block accommodates, of administrative block, merchant block, an sportingly intriguing block, bars for feeding and diversion, a block for sleeping, of technical crush - rooms and a enterprise block with an unassisted input signal and an cargo elevator.






                 From the anteroom it bowl to a lobby bar. It is with 40 places and is related with the intrinsic swimming pool. The hall for feeding is with 60 places; a conference hall is located over the  block for accepting. Elevator and two  cells effect the erect communication between the anteroom and the other floors.



             "SD VIANA" Ltd bought a real estate in settlement with age - old story, beautiful anature and unique mineral springs. City Sapareva Banya was the most related option on a point in which the investment plan of the association is being realized. The city is situated at the foot of the Rila mountain. It is lovely with the unique nature and mineral springs, the nature phenomenon - the geyser that dumps in every 6 seconds oa 18-meters-led water pole with the highest temperature of the Balkans - 103 degrees centigrade.

              Now "SD VIANA" Ltd is building a SPA center for relacsing, treatment and sport. The center is situaded in the central part of the Separeva Banya city, near to the beautiful park with the most warm mineral geyser of the balkans. The complex dispose of buildings, atraction and sport facilities.

              The hotel part offerrs to the guests single and double bedrooms, and apartments; a restaurant with a large garden, a lobby-bar, nocturnal bar, panoramic piano-bar and a viennese lounge. The SPA center guests will be able to hold its business meeting in comfortable conference room. In the hotel complex there are an internet club, a swimming pool with mineral water, fitness, a hairdresser's, shops,  gardens for a rest and games, a room for table-tennis and many others. The real "treasure" of the center is the cold, clean mountainous water and the medicinal mineral springs. The mineral water constitution is sulphuric with hight levels of iron, calcium and manganese. In the complex there is a particular pool with mineral water, meant for physiotherapy and a healing  gymnastics, aquatic massages,  mud-baths , cabinets cosmetic procedures, an egyptian sauna, cabinets for massages, a turkish sauna and many others.



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