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“SD VIANA” LTD OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE SERVICE is made through 2000, with a registration - 167/28.11.2000,  as well re - registration -167-1/30.01.2004, from a ministry of the healthcare, as a management consultant in the area of the labor - medicine. “SD VIANA” LTD OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE SERVICE specialized in employee physical health assessment, maintaining a database of employees’ health profiles, development of risk prevention plans. We successfuly develop   activity on the territory  of Bulgaria  as the concultant in the sphere of the occupational medicine and we are working the large employers by : “Profilaktika, rehabilitacia i otdih” LTD, “Sikonko Building” LTD, “Sofstroi” LTD, “Stanilov” LTD,  a trade chain “ZORA”, “Elektrorazpredelenie - Sofia region” LTD, “NEK” LTD –  “Hodroelektroinvest”, “KRAFT FOODS Bulgaria” LTD, “Îpet/Aigas - Bulgaria” LTD, “Domostroitelen kombinat – Sofia” LTD, “Montaji” LTD, “Etap – Adress” LTD, “Group – Plus” LTD, “Central bus station - Sofia” LTD, “Êodec - Expres”, "Nacional center of hematologi and transfuziology" - Sofia, “Farmacevtick college” , Medicine academy - Sofia,  as well as a multitude of companies from different fields.

  OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE SERVICE "SD Viana" and all specialists at the company are dedicated to widening their existing knowledge and skills and contributing to the company’s continuous evolution, for the purpose of assisting Bulgarian organizations in maintaining healthy and safe working conditions.



           In compliance with:

  • Healthy and Safe Working Conditions Law, published in State Gazette Issue 124 on December 23, 1997

  • Decree ¹ 14 regarding the Occupational Medicine Services in Bulgaria: Ministry of Health, August 7, 1998

“SD Viana” Ltd. offers occupational medicine services in respect to
employees, including:

  • Development and introduction of a database of employees’ health profiles;

  • Yearly employee physical health assessment, based on the results of the performed medical exams, the indicators for temporary and permanent disability, and their relevance to the working conditions at the site;

  • Consulting services in respect to the requirements of the Healthy and Safe Working Conditions Law and Decree ¹ 14 regarding the Occupational Medicine Services in Bulgaria, and development of a comprehensive corporate system for maintaining safe working conditions at the site;

  • Assistance in respect to the development of risk management and risk prevention plans by employers;

  • Participation in the meetings of the OCC and OCU;

  • Consulting services offered to both employer and employees, in respect to the maintenance of safe working conditions at the site;

  • Development of a plan for the organization and periodicity of medical exams, in compliance with Decree ¹ 3, published in 1994 in State Gazette Issue 102 – upon request by employers.


Risk Assessment

“SD Viana” Ltd. is qualified to perform risk assessment of the health
and safety of employees in the workplace.

In compliance with:

  • The Healthy and Safe Working Conditions Law, published in State Gazette Issue 124 on December 23, 1997

  • Decree ¹ 5 from May 11, 1999, published in State Gazette on May 21, 1999, which defines the regulations, methods, sequence, and periodicity of performing risk assessment

    The risk assessment performed by “SD Viana” Ltd. encompasses the
                                              following elements:


  • Requirements and methods for securing safe working conditions and efficient anti-incendiary measures in the client Company;

  • Development of Performance and Training Plans pertaining to the Operating Conditions Committee (OCC) or the Operating Conditions Unit (OCU) – objectives, esponsibilities and action plans;

  • Development of a Risk Assessment Plan, defining the supervision of the following elements: operational procedures, operating equipment, business premises, workrooms, places of work, labor organization, supplies and materials, etc.;

  • Risk Assessment Decrees;

  • Risk Assessment Methods;

  • Occupation Identification and Risk Assessment;

  • Identification and Risk Assessment of the workplace, the work area, and the workplace environment;

  • Risk Management Program – management, reduction and prevention of the occupational health and safety risk, in compliance with the 1997 Healthy and Safe Work Conditions Law.


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